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Quran Online Study offers 3 days free Trial classes. Register with us by filling a simple form. You will get an email and a call from one of our representatives to schedule the days & time. We will also answer your queries if you have any.

Get Evaluation Report

The trial sessions allow the tutor to evaluate your recitation level. At the end of the sessions, he/she will provide you with a complete evaluation report, suggestions, and study plan. You can also make a tutor change request at the end of the session.

Start Regular Lessons

If you would like to continue with regular classes, we will let you choose your plan & schedule. We will then send you an invoice according to your plan. After payment you can start your online Quran class.

Female Quran Teacher

Quran Online Study Academy has trained female teachers for students who feel comfortable with female teachers for Online Quran learning. Sisters and daughters can have classes with English speaking, Urdu, Hindi Speaking and Arabic speaking sister teachers. Our female teachers are dedicated and punctual and skilled at the same time to deliver very interesting classes especially for kids.
One-on-One Classes

The live Quran classes system at Quran Online Study Academy comprises of a single teacher. Teacher giving Quran lessons to a single student because of ensuring devoted attention for better learning.

Device Convenience

At Quran Online Study Academy now you can take the Quran learning lessons on PC, tablet or any android device. Finally making it easy for you to learn Quran online anywhere & anytime.

Multilingual Teachers

The Quran tutors at Quran Online Study Academy have a good grip over English, Arabic and Urdu language. Therefore we enabling them to communicate effectively when taking classes.

Flexible Timings
The class timings at Quran Online Study Academy are extremely flexible. Therefore students can schedule the classes according to their convenience.

Courses @ Quran Online Study Academy

Quran Online Study Academy is a reliable Online Quran Teaching Academy where results are guaranteed. Avail our three days Free Trail Classes and be sure that you are in the right place to learn Quran reading with Tajweed.

Learn Quran Meanings

This course is especially designed for students who want to learn to translate Quran so that they are able to understand the meaning of verses of Quran.

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Learn Tajweed Rules

This course belongs to the art of recitation according to the rules. Originally the field of tajweed is a set of rules governing the way in which the words of the Qur’an should be pronounced.

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Learn Tafseer Online

The term Tafseer means to explain and describe. Learn Tafseer online or the Explanation and translation of Quran with related Hadiths, grammar, and word meanings.

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Learn Arabic Online

In this course you’ll learn word to word meanings, sentence translation, brief interpretation of the verses , sources of revelations of Qur’anic verses with summary of the chapters.

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Quran Memorization

Memorizing the Holy Quran simply means learning it by heart. It is one of the miracles of Holy Quran that it is the only book in the world that can be memorized word to word even by children of very young age.

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Online Quran Reading

In this course the students will add beauty to their recitation of Quran.The students will receive extra attention from our well qualified teacher to improve overall flow of recitation.

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We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

Quality Assurance

Educated Teachers

Every member of Quran Online Academy is a graduate and Memorizer (Hafiz Quran) from a recognized institute & university with complete knowledge of Tajweed and best recitation.

Evaluation of Students

Our Tajweed rules experts and quality assurance staff run test of every student every month to evaluate the status of Quran reading. The generated report is then worked on by the teachers.

Reports Comparison

Every month’s reports are compared with old ones and the level of improvement is measured in learning because Quran Online Study Academy is committed to assisting you in achieving your goals.

Teachers Behavior

Being a Quran Teacher is a great distinction and most importantly special honor. To convey the words of the Quran and its authority to the next generation was the responsibility of Sahaba.


  • Caring and Expert Quran Teachers
  • Guaranteed results within given time
  • Easy Quran learning with Tajweed
  • Learn Quran with Innovative techniques

Children from 4 years to any age can learn because our Quran Teachers and interactive techniques make it easier to read Quran Online.

All study material will be provided by us.

First of all fill out registration form and you will be contacted within 12 Hrs and your Quran Learning class will be started at your desired times and days.

Just fill out registration form we will contact you within 12 Hrs and you will be guided through installation of Skype by our Experts and a Skype ID and Password will also be provided if you don’t have yours.

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