Learn Quran Meanings

This course is especially designed for students who want to learn to translate Quran so that they are able to understand the meaning of verses of Quran.

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Learn Tajweed Rules

This course belongs to the art of recitation according to the rules. Originally the field of tajweed is a set of rules governing the way in which the words of the Qur’an should be pronounced.

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Learn Tafseer Online

The term Tafseer means to explain and describe. Learn Tafseer online or the Explanation and translation of Quran with related Hadiths, grammar, and word meanings.

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Learn Arabic Online

In this course you’ll learn word to word meanings, sentence translation, brief interpretation of the verses , sources of revelations of Qur’anic verses with summary of the chapters.

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Quran Memorization

Memorizing the Holy Quran simply means learning it by heart. It is one of the miracles of Holy Quran that it is the only book in the world that can be memorized word to word even by children of very young age.

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Online Quran Reading

In this course the students will add beauty to their recitation of Quran.The students will receive extra attention from our well qualified teacher to improve overall flow of recitation.

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